I am pleased to welcome you to the website for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse! As an Alumnus of the Hamilton Street Club, I hope that you and your child(ren) find our programs interesting, exciting and positive!

We have four Clubhouses that serve many young people living and learning in the Syracuse community; the Central Village Club, East Fayette Club, Hamilton Street Club and Shonnard Street Club. Each of these Clubs, along with our compassionate staff, provides a vast array of programs on educational and enrichment; health, wellness and recreation; character and citizenship.

And, we are proud to share that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse is celebrating its 125th Anniversary! Since 1892, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse has enabled young people to reach their full potential through the Clubs core programs: character and leadership, education and career development, health and wellness, sports and recreation. In speaking with many Alumni of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse, they reflect on their days learning to swim and participate in gymnastics at the Downtown Boys & Girls Clubs, trips to Camp Zerbe, participating in the popular Lift A Child basketball marathon, being a member of the Hamilton Street Hawks and creating lifelong relationships that still exist today. The 125th Anniversary of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse allows our community to celebrate the rich history of the Clubs while creating a linkage to a great future for the young people in Syracuse.

We encourage you to visit our Clubs and support the mission to ensure that “Great Futures Start Here”.

Patrick E. Driscoll, Executive Director