Story originally posted on on March 22, 2018:

Young basketball players at the East Fayette Boys and Girls Club look up to the Syracuse Basketball team.

Freddie Burton said the sound of a basketball hitting the court is what keeps him motivated.

“I started playing basketball cause that was the coolest thing to do, and I wasn’t really good at it, so I started practicing every day until I became better,” Burton said.

Burton plays with his teammates, running up and down the court until he makes the perfect shot. He said he is inspired by the Syracuse basketball team because they were underdogs, barely making the tournament.

“By practicing every day they came from nothing and basically went to college playing basketball and now they are living out their dreams,” said Burton.

Burton isn’t the only one with that goal. Many of his teammates work hard to be the best player they can be.

“I feel like I can be where they are at and when I make it there I’m just gonna do what I gotta do,” said teammate Tyslim Griswold.

“At least they are looking at something positive, and that’s what we are trying to teach here and for them to be very very successful in life, and if basketball can help them there’s nothing wrong with that,” East Fayette Boys and Girls Club Director Jason Dudzinski said.

While the young players say the game against Duke will be tough, anything can happen when you work hard.