Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse will seek to make a positive and life-long impact on our community’s children. Young people will have a safe place to go most days including vacations.

Our proactive, preventive programs will be of the highest quality and responsiveness in order to guide children beyond the snares and stumbling blocks in their lives. We will support them with consistent encouragement, professional guidance and instruction and life-changing opportunities. Club experiences will cultivate understanding and appreciation of a diversity of cultures. Club members will become successful, productive and caring citizens.

How we help others will be our measure of success. We will not only equip our young people with a membership card, but with a vision and moral compass. Individually and collectively, we will form a constant in the lives of our children.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse offers youth many varying life-altering programs aimed at helping them become the citizens we know they can be. These programs are proven successful and focus on preparing members for real-life challenges.

The above video encompasses our mission, and showcases why we do what we do each and every day: to ensure great futures for kids and teens.


  • It Just Takes One Campaign
    One opportunity can make a lasting difference in the life of a child. One dream can give a sense of purpose for a lifetime. One voice can relay wisdom that resonates for generations. One Boys & Girls Club can give hope to an entire neighborhood. One person like you can help fulfill the dream of a brighter tomorrow for more children in our community. DONATE NOW